A library of healing journeys

Your 'go to' library full of healing journeys waiting for you when you need (or just want) extra support.

'Stuff' comes up...the proverbial 'shit' hits the fan...go into your Vibrant Sensitive Healing Library and you will find what you seek!

Create space for you!

Every circle starts with an introduction about the energies that are at play in the Universe at that particular moment followed by a deep relaxing healing meditative journey.

Make time for you...this is your time to heal!


This community allows you to spend quality time among like-minded Highly Sensitive People who together aim to find their own truth.

 Feel free to bring your specific intention into the group during the live circle or in the private Facebook group.


Introducing your Healing Circle Faciliator


 Karin Monster-Peters, Msc

Energy healer, Mentor, Teacher and Life Purpose Coach 

The birth of this healing circle came through me when I asked for guidance from the Universe: How can I serve with flow and ease? Make the connection to Source accessible to many? And this healing circle came to me!

For the first year and a half Diana Pak co-facilitated this circle. Her background, knowledge and innate gifts on Mother Earth were the perfect complement to my own gifts and you will find all the healing journeys she provided during her time as a faciliator also available when you join!

My background is in psychology, life and parent coaching and energy management. Throughout my professional and personal life I have  specialized in giftedness, life purpose, child development, parenting, energy healing and highly sensitive people. Since 2005 I have welcomed more than 700 families into my life.

My deepest heartfelt intention as you join our circle is for you to tap into your own magic and for you to expand into different levels of awareness. My intention is never to force you into MY way but for you to love and honor yourself within YOUR way.

As a soul having a human experience I come to you in a space of love, compassion and non-judgement for all that you are. I have no true answers, I come to you as myself with all my struggles in being human myself and I speak to you from the level of awareness and understanding that I have reached at this moment in my life.

I'm an absolute expert at creating moments of awareness, release and healing in highly sensitive and gifted people. In doing so I align you with your true powerful and vibrant self for a purposeful and more balanced sensitive life.

I love guiding men and women into deep awareness and deep healing. I use many energy healing modalities and techniques but my greatest tool is my intuition and I have a natural healer ability that I have been perfectioning through many lifetimes!

My coaching and healing approach is characterized by an eclectic, intuitive and raw approach to life, purpose and healing: If it works, it works. There is no 'ideal' life, only YOUR ideal life. 


Come play with us in this healing circle á la 2020.

Let's intend, release and recharge...together!!!

With live interactive intention circles where you can experience the power of the group, you'll be supported at the deepest levels.

You can jump in any time!

Your investment for more than 40+ healing journeys (and growing), TWO live intention circle a month, weekly live card readings and a support group of other amazing Vibrant Sensitives?

Only €24.95 a month! 

Join us for the first month for only €19.95!

And check out the different ways that I can support your journey!



" I joined the circle last year when I was going through massive personal and professional transformation in my life and learning how to connect to source, understanding that your soul knows your way and everything happening in your life can actually be for you and not against you as well as specific healings such as the pelvic healing made a huge impact on the way I was able to positively navigate through that transition and grow as a person because of it. Karin puts a very positive but real outlook on everything, there is no pretense that everything is perfect or that the goal is to figure out life, she’s a great teacher who also becomes a great friend when you work with her "

Gemma Naomi Purnell
Intuitive Business Coach

"For me, what I love about Karin is her embodiment of what she is teaching. This means, that she shows up as who she is and holds that soft-landing wholeheartedly empathetic space and very human space many of us, me included are craving! So, no wonder amazing healings and life-changing shifts happen when people are in her presence be they in receipt of healing, being part of her extraordinary healing circle or well just in her field! Yes, really she is that extraordinary! Working with her this year, has shifted me on so deeply, I cannot even put it into words how amazing she is, the is a start!! :) - "

Carrie Eddins
PR coach

"It's safe to say that working with Karin has changed my life on a personal and business level. My first experience was a solar plexus healing. After that I had some transforming one on one sessions where we did a healing of the female ancestral line. I joined the Healing Circle mid 2018 and loved all the inspiration, intention sessions and guided healings/meditations. It gave me focus and support. "

Susanne Braam
intuitive artist and healer

"I had a couple of healing sessions with Karin, which were out of this world...literally! Her ability to tune into you and create the space for the necessary energy work to take place, is amazing. Karin puts you at ease straight away, she's great fun (which is perfect for me!) and keeps you informed of what's happening every step of the way. I'd highly recommend her for anyone who feels things aren't quite right but is unsure what's needed! "

Katie Farrell, coach and hypnotherapist

"As as reflexologist, reiki Seichem and EFT practitioner, I understand how energetic blockages can keep one feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviours that hold us back from our true potential, no matter how much 'mindfulness' work someone does. However, Karin’s unique ability in helping me to release old patterns allowed me to actually feel integration with my soul on a cellular level... powerful stuff!"

Theresa Fowler

" Karin is such a powerful healer. I’ve been so blessed to have worked with Karin both online and in person. Her distance work is so gentle yet it goes deep into clearing any blocks in your body. When I had a healing massage from her recently it was so incredibly powerful. Even though some areas were so tender to touch her energy is so gentle that I was able to relax into what could have been very painful. It really shifted my energy and I released for sure! Karin is so beautiful and gentle but goes very deep when working with you, an incredible healer. "

Sam Livermore
Gladiator of Love, Share the Love Letters Movement

Ready to step into support, community and healing?

Healing journeys are available to follow along at your own pace. The LIVE intention group healings are twice a month and you can tap into the same energy when you choose to watch the recording. After signing up you will be added to the private Facebook group where the magic and play will take place! You can now sign up for the Vibrant Sensitive Healing Circle Plus and the Quantum Mentorship!


€19.95 first month

then €24.95 PER MONTH after

✨ Access to the Vibrant Senstive Healing Circle Library with 35+ healing journeys 

✨ FB group for love and interaction

✨Two live Intention Circles per month  +

✨✨Immediate Access to the Thriving Sensitive Course

Join us

Healing Circle PLUS



✨Healing Circle Membership goodness (Thriving Sensitive Course, healing library, group process and intention circles)


⚛️ one private Quantum Energy Healing session a month!

This is your opportunity to work with me one-on-one on your healing as life happens as well as being part of the circle! 


Yes please!

Quantum Mentorship



When you are ready to step up not only on your healing but also in creating lifestyle and life changes to support your awakening and growth. 

✨Healing Circle Membership goodness (healing library, group process and intention circles) +

⚛️⚛️one Mentoring and Quantum Energy Healing session a month.

Quantum charge your life with mentoring and healing combined!

When you wish to work with me at an even deeper level (basically my gifts and me as your 'go-to'), reach out!

So ready!

What is already waiting for you?

The Vibrant Sensitive Healing Circle Library includes:

  • Tools and techniques to become a more Thriving Sensitive Person: The Thriving Sensitive Course
  • Meditations to connect to Source/Universe/the Divine
  • Physical body healing meditations
  • Faith healing meditations, integrating Heart, Mind and Soul
  • Play and Joy healing meditations
  • Root chakra healing journeys
  • Sacral chakra healing journeys
  • Solar plexus healing journeys
  • Heart chakra healing journeys
  • Throat chakra healing journeys
  • Third eye opening and healing journeys
  • Spiritual Gateway activation
  • Crown Chakra opening and healing journeys
  • Earth Medicine healing journey and information
  • Ancestral healing information and healing journeys
  • Love as your compass journeys
  • 5d consciousness and frequencies
  • Relationship clearing
  • Quantum time experiences
  • Recordings of all the Intention Circles where you can right away tap into the intentions set there!
  • Information on intention setting, healing journeys and any theme we have been playing with!

"Karin’s intuitive and empathic abilities are incredible. While I tend to be very left-brained and logical, every session I’ve had with her has pulled me out of my head, connected me with my heart and allowed deep and forgotten issues to surface in a safe space of powerful healing. I walk away feeling more alive, more empowered and more whole every time. Thank you Karin!!"

Jessa Green
digital nomad, Inspirational Instigator and Mindset Master

"Karin cares deeply for you. You sense her genuine kind heart and she has a natural ability to put you at ease and help you relax into the healing session.The session will leave you feeling calm peaceful and centred. Can’t recommend Karin highly enough. "

Kelly Michelle Walsh
Positivity Power Movement founder

"Karin Monster-Peters is a wonderful person, a fabulous coach, a life changer, a Highly sensitive and intelligent woman. She's all-round and a specialist in different areas. She'll do everything possible to make sure you find or stay on your path. I would recommend you getting in contact with her." "

Sandra Mantel
Intuitive healer and channel


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