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Energy Healing

Two monthly healing meditations focusing on a different theme/block/part of the body/chakra/whatever comes up on each call.

Experience different types of energy healing modalities that connect you to the Universe AND connect to the power of Mother Nature in all her beauty and abundance! You will ignite, activate, and receive profound healing from two powerful facilitators.

Create space for you!

Grab that cup of tea and see this as your 'me time' twice a month. Every session starts with a deep relaxing meditation.

You will release tension and stress like never before! You will experience healing from all levels!

Make time for you...this is your time to heal!

Group Healing

The power of the group in healing has been proven! 

We will be working on YOUR SPECIFIC intention  once a month LIVE as a group as well!

This home, this community, allows you to spend quality time among like-minded Highly Sensitive People who together aim to find their own truth.

You will also get to know your fellow members and form lifelong friends in transformational partnership.

Your Guides!

Introducing your Healing Circles Faciliators!

Diana Pak

Animal Messenger, Writer, Awakener, Nature-loving Earth-dweller

I contribute to the Healing Circle through my connection to the earth and nature and helping you restore that connection. I have a deep understanding and insight into natural systems and am a voice for the animal kingdom. I receive messages from animals (including pets), trees, plants, rocks, crystals, even Mother Earth itself. You will be surprised at the medicine they offer you on your healing path. Not just spiritual, but also physical.

My meditations are more journeys with animals and nature, and I help you find answers within through those.

I have a background as Animal Communicator and studied Naturopathy for Animals. I have done several healing and shamanistic courses, and have developed my own path in these. I believe that it is very important to ground spirituality. In my membership group, Down to Earth Spirituality, I therefore address both the spiritual side and meaning of nature and animals as the scientific and earth element, and an integration process.

Besides that, I love to write, and am currently working on my first official book. My writings are thought provoking and always straight from the heart. I am a bit of a philosopher.

I have a deep connection to the Universe and Source too, and look forward to creating this circle together with Karin. Let’s say she is the “heaven” part and I am the “earth” part. Combining our strengths will create an amazing place of complete healing, as we both are firm believers of a holistic approach to life. We both have knowledge on several natural remedies and the importance of good nutrition, so that can also come into the healing circle if we feel called to bring some in.

Drs. Karin Monster-Peters 

Energy healer, Life Purpose Coach and  Psychologist 

The birth of this healing circle came through me when I asked for guidance from the Universe: How can I serve with flow and ease? Make the connection to Source accessible to many? And this healing circle came to me! And I am so excited that Diana is joining me!!! Her background, knowledge and innate gifts are the perfect complement to my own gifts!

My background is in psychology, life and parent coaching and energy management. Throughout my professional and personal life I have  specialized in giftedness, life purpose, child development, parenting, energy healing and highly sensitive people. Since 2005 I have welcomed more than 700 families into my life.

I'm an absolute expert at creating moments of awareness, release and healing in highly sensitive and gifted people. In doing so I align you with your true powerful and vibrant self for a purposeful and more balanced sensitive life.

I love guiding men and women into deep awareness and deep healing. I use many energy healing modalities and techniques but my greatest tool is my intuition and I have a natural healer ability that I have been perfectioning through many lifetimes!

My coaching and healing approach is characterized by an eclectic, intuitive and raw approach to life, purpose and healing: If it works, it works. There is no ideal life, only YOUR ideal life. 


Come play with us in this healing circle á la 2018. Let's intend, release and recharge...together!!!

With live interactive healing calls where you can experience group healing sessions, you'll be supported at the deepest levels.

You can jump in any time, but when you do, we expect you to stick around for 3 months (we transform through consistency and momentum!). After the 3 months, you may say goodbye at any given time.

Your investment for 2 healing journeys a month, one LIVE intentions group healing and a support group of other amazing Vibrant Sensitives? Only 35 euro a month! 



"Karin’s intuitive and empathic abilities are incredible. While I tend to be very left-brained and logical, every session I’ve had with her has pulled me out of my head, connected me with my heart and allowed deep and forgotten issues to surface in a safe space of powerful healing. I walk away feeling more alive, more empowered and more whole every time. Thank you Karin!!"

Jessa Green, digital nomad

"It has really helped me to stay focused on my connection to the earth and nature. I feel like I am growing so much from this on a spiritual level and I've also made such wonderful new friends. I would highly recommend this group to anyone who has a love of or an affinity for nature. There is so much wisdom from the animals that I think only they can teach us "

Linda of Down to Earth Spirituality group

"Karin is very intelligent. She knows what you need and she is creative in her methods. One session you might get a Touch of Matrix energy clearing session and another session you might do a meditation with a guided visualisation. After her sessions I feel strong and powerful and dare to do the things that come from within me and dare to dream those things that arise from this empowerment. In short, my energy field is totally optimized. "

R. The Netherlands

"I am so grateful to Diana and the work she did for my dog Zorro. Diana was able to communicate some information from him about his health and well fare, that in and of itself was super valuable. What I didn't expect was all the added value I got from Diana and the messages my darling pet had for me in the form of a comprehensive report, and the oracle cards that were spot on! I feel closer to my pet than ever before, I'm so happy and relieved to have an animal communicator that can count on. I strongly recommend Diana's powerful work, she's the best!"

Rachel Hansen

"As as reflexologist, reiki Seichem and EFT practitioner, I understand how energetic blockages can keep one feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviours that hold us back from our true potential, no matter how much 'mindfulness' work someone does. However, Karin’s unique ability in helping me to release old patterns allowed me to actually feel integration with my soul on a cellular level... powerful stuff!"

Theresa Fowler

"I loved my time in Diana's Down to Earth Spirituality Group. I learnt so much about different animals, about their habitat, their energy and also their lessons for us. I felt so inspired, and loved receiving Emails with more insights. Diana's Meditation are very gentle and so lovely to follow. It is a wonderful journey, and I treasured every minute in it."

Caroline Palmy

What is already waiting for you?

- Tools and techniques to become a more Thriving Sensitive

- Meditations to connect to Source/Universe/the Divine

- Physical body healing mediations

- Faith healing meditations, integrating Heart, Mind and Soul

- Play and Joy healing meditations

- Root chakra healing journeys

- Sacral chakra healing journeys

- Solar plexus healing journeys

- Heart chakra healing journeys

- Throat chakra healing journeys

- Third eye opening and healing journeys

- Spiritual Gateway activation

- Crown Chakra opening and healing journeys

- Earth Medicine healing journey and information

- Ancestral healing information and healing journeys

- Love as your compass journeys

- Recordings of all the Intention Circles where you can right away tap into the intentions set there!

- Information on intention setting, healing journeys and any theme we have been playing with!

Ready to step into healing?

The two healing journeys are made available twice a month. The LIVE intention group healings are once a month. After signing up you will be added to the private Facebook group where the magic and play will take place!


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