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Purpose and Flow

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Is this you?

Are you seriously concerned that you will never find your 'purpose'?

Do you long to feel more passionate about...well...being ALIVE?

Are you tired of being tired and does exhaustion oftentimes feel like your middle name?

Then read on...

I have a few wisdom nuggets for you just ahead!


Life keeps showing up with challenges and society pressures us to constantly be on the go...towards a future...towards more. 

After years of self development, therapy and energy healing (personally and professionally) I have come to deep understanding about our journey and WHY we feel like we are in a constant state of failure.
We go through life constantly looking ahead...'finding' our purpose...'searching' for meaning.
We dive into the self development world and we hear that 'you must change your mindset', 'work on your blocks', 'shift your limiting beliefs' and 'heal' as if you are broken. And most of all, 'live a life of purpose'.
If I feel into these types of anxiousness levels skyrocket! The PRESSURE! AAAAAH!!!!!
These energies keeps you constantly outside of yourself.
Someone besides you must know the answer.
Give you the magic pill. Show you the way.
Yet, there is no 'one way'. There is no 'true' purpose.
You are here to find 'your way' and to fully embody your life...and that is your purpose.
Here are my wisdom nuggets for you to feel and relax into:
❤ Be human in your body and live your life.
❤ Know that you know (because you do, you just don't want to admit that you know what you want, wish, need to do etc...but admitting it, would mean owning it and owning it, would mean doing it and doing it...would mean stepping out of what you have always done).
❤ Realize that the feeling of resistance that you feel as you envision what you truly want is not a block. It is you moving towards something NEW and you must be willing to feel all the feels as you love yourself through the unknown of the unfamiliar.
❤ You are not your feelings. You are also not your emotions. It's physiology. You can change your physiology and your feelings and emotions will change too. Once you get this, you can observe what is really going on. And do something new, creating a new physiological reaction. One that supports you instead of holding you back.
❤ You are not your past story and your constant focus on a story that is over and done with, keeps re-traumatizing your nervous system, defining your future. Give yourself permission to let go of the stories and be willing to create a new story that empowers your future.
❤ Life is never going 'wrong'.
❤ Life is also never going 'right'.
❤  This means, that you are not broken and that you don't need fixing.
❤ Non-judgement is a myth. And you are real. Compassion, kindness, love and forgiveness is how we can get to a space that feels like non-judgement. And it will always start with the self first.
❤ You are enough. In all aspects of your life. You being the full expression of YOU is enough. (ARE you being the full expression of YOU?)
❤ No one can do 'it' for you.
❤ No one can do 'it' but you.
❤ Because 'it' is what YOU came here to experience and grow into.
That's it.
That's all there is to 'it'. To your life.
To celebrate all that you are and how far you have come on this journey.
To know that you have lived.
Embodied in the full experience of the soul.
So why this new programme...?
Because in our humanity, we are meant to be supported.
We are meant to have a tribe that loves us through our human journey.
We thrive when someone can hold up the light so that we too may find our way through the moments of darkness.
And I want to create that space for you.
For us.
Where we can CONNECT.
Where we can GROW.
Where we can CREATE.
Where we can HEAL.
Where we can EXPAND.
Become a member for only €37 per month (first month €25) and receive:

Core trainings on ensuring that your soul expression can come through more consistently by nurturing the body, relaxing the mind and following the nudges of spirit into your passions!

Bi-monthly Zoom check ins for healing, support, inspiration and encouragement.

Never to add on the pressure, always to add on the love.

A moment to re-center and heal together.

Tools and resources to support you on your journey 

Planners, worksheets, healing meditations and whatever else shows up for me to inspire you!

A community of amazing sensitive people just like you!

Compassion, support and love as you make Your Life Your Passion Project!

Join into the energy of support into Your Passion Project!


I am in!

Your Passion Project facilitator

Karin Monster-Peters, Msc
A couple of years ago I realized so deeply that my LIFE was my true passion and purpose. Years before that I had declared The Vibrant Sensitive into a movement...
A movement where Passion, Deep Conscious Self Care and Speaking Your Truth were the foundations of living a thriving life as a Highly Sensitive Person.
Years of teaching, facilitating healing, mentoring and coaching one on one...and here I am...ready to reach more Highly Sensitive and Gifted people and support their journey into a Vibrant Passionate life.
Throughout my professional and personal life I have  specialized in giftedness, life purpose, child development, parenting, energy healing and highly sensitive people.
My deepest heartfelt intention as you join our community is for you to tap into your own magic and for you to expand into different levels of awareness.



My intention is never to force you into MY way but for you to love and honor yourself within YOUR way.

As a soul having a human experience I come to you in a space of love, compassion and non-judgement for all that you are.

I have no true answers, I come to you as myself with all my struggles in being human myself and I speak to you from the level of awareness and understanding that I have reached at this moment in my life.

I'm an absolute expert at creating moments of awareness, release and healing in highly sensitive and gifted people. In doing so I align you with your true powerful and vibrant self for a purposeful and more balanced sensitive life.

I use many energy healing modalities and techniques but my greatest tool is my intuition and I have a natural healer ability that I have been perfectioning through many lifetimes!

My coaching and healing approach is characterized by an eclectic, intuitive and raw approach to life, purpose and healing: If it works, it works. There is no 'ideal' life, only YOUR ideal life. 


What clients have to share:

"I've been a member of Karin's Facebook community, The Vibrant Sensitive-The Movement for almost 1.5 years and her The Vibrant Sensitive Healing Circle program for a few months now. Karin is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and one of the most intuitively gifted people I have ever met. She has an amazing ability to tune into what is going on with the world but also her individual clients as she leads us through a journey of healing and acceptance of what is. I have learned so much from Karin since we met and look forward to her daily insights and encouragement, as well as meeting remotely with her and the other members of the Healing Circle regularly. After each session, I always feel lighter, calmer, more aligned with what I truly want, and grateful for the experience."

Holly Booker

HolisticHealth and Nutrition Coach

"It's safe to say that working with Karin has changed my life on a personal and business level. My first experience was a solar plexus healing. After that I had some transforming one on one sessions where we did a healing of the female ancestral line.

I joined the Healing Circle mid 2018 and loved all the inspiration, intention sessions and guided healings/meditations. It gave me focus and support.

In the beginning of 2019 I joined the Quantum Teaching Circle to learn more about all the different healing modalities Karin uses. Her guidance and teachings has proven to be life changing. I feel more confident expressing myself and exploring my own creativity.

If you ever feel that you need support, guidance or someone holding space for you to work trough your own stuff than Karin is your woman. I totally recommend working with her and the programs that she offers."

Susanne Braam

Intuitive Artist (sacred symbology channeler extraordinaire)

"For me, what I love about Karin is her embodiment of what she is teaching. This means, that she shows up as who she is and holds that soft-landing wholeheartedly empathetic space and very human space many of us, me included are craving!

So, no wonder amazing healings and life-changing shifts happen when people are in her presence be they in receipt of healing, being part of her extraordinary healing circle or well just in her field!

Yes, really she is that extraordinary! Working with her this year, has shifted me on so deeply, I cannot even put it into words how amazing she is, the is a start!! :)" 

Carrie Eddins


What is the vision?

✨ We will be focusing on the habits, fundamentals and routines that support you on the journey of wellness, health and vibrancy:

Improving our Sleep, Exploring more ways to Move, Taking moments to Breathe, Exploring food that nourishes and supports our physical body, Being in this world and in our bodies as WOMEN and tapping into Prosperity and Pleasure in all it's forms.
I will not be imposing HOW this looks for you. You know when you are feeling good. I will be giving you tools, information, insights and tips... YOU implement and try if this is YOUR WAY.
✨ All the while encouraging to dive into JOY, PLEASURE and PASSION on your journey.
✨Membership with bi-monthly healing, encouragement and support calls. All calls will be recorded and uploaded into my membership platform.
✨ You will be supported through the calls, and a private facebook group where you can come in and be...YOU.
✨ Members will be able to work with me one-on-one at a 50% discounted rate. Ensuring that you are supported personally when you need it.
✨ We will be creating these empowering habits that support your vision from a 'non-judgement' compassionate loving space.
(My intention is to inspire you, never to shame you or guilt you...that is not me!)
✨  I regularly will be adding tools into your Resources library. So that you may always have a go-to when something shows up that you need to shift through.
✨ We will be dancing and playing in the energies of health and wholeness...
✨ In the understanding that as we connect to what feels good...the Universe will provide more opportunities for us to align to LIVING. Not merely SURVIVING.
✨ All the while stepping into a new story of a version of you that is eager to come through.
✨We will be connecting to joy and passion as we navigate who and what we want to be this year, in the next 3 the next decade.

Are you willing?

It all starts NOW.
And NOW.
It's not on New Year's Eve that we change.
Everyday is a brand new day. Every NOW moment is the moment that you can create change.
You KNOW (deep inside you, you KNOW) what you could let go of...what you could start doing...what you could stop doing...
You don't.
May I help you?
Are you willing to be held in love?
Are you willing to be supported?
Can you receive what is here?
I believe that health is the culmination of many mini habits that become YOU with consistency and perseverance.
I believe that creating prosperity is about focusing on gratitude and service as we show up in the world. YOUR WORLD.
How do you want to show up? For you? For your soul?
Join us!
For only €37/month.

This is NOT about creating a NEW YOU.

This is about finally, finally, finally, stepping into the flow and deep breath of who you KNOW YOURSELF TO BE.

For only

€37/month (€25 first month!)

  • You will be part of a community of like minded Highly Sensitive ready to connect, heal, create, grow and expand together!

    • Bi-monthly support calls
    • An ever expanding library of trainings!
    • An ever expanding library of resources 
    • A community to hold you in a space of love
    • Discount on 1-on-1 sessions when needed.
    • Cancel anytime!
Sign up today!

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For only €370

"Contrary to popular belief, having it all is not about striving for perfection, or about living our lives according to someone else's standards or expecations.

We were meant to have it all; to continually give birth to new desires and to fulfill them.

Life is a process of defining and redefining what we want and as a result, our desires are continually under revision. There is no final destination. It's about manifesting those expressions in life that call our attention and that speak to our unique values, dreams and desires. 

Having it all simply means having access to all of yourself, in any moment you choose it and in every aspect of life that is important tot you. 

We need to recognize and honor shifting priorities.
Having it all does NOT mean doing it all." 

Christy Whitman