Here you will find a few testimonials about how I work, the results people get from working with me and about me!  

I hope to add your testimonial to this page soon! Contact me to find out how we can work together.

"Before I came to see Karin, I thought I would never be able to feel happy and fullfilled again. that I would be stucked with my anxieties and fears forever. 

I was totally confused, depressed, exhausted  each day was a real fight. 

Already after the first session I felt way better, since it gave me exactly what I needed in that moment. After 4 sessions I am fealing full of hope and love again, ready to dive into what life will offer, confident and gratefull.  

Each session was a huge step forward for me because each time it was exactly what I needed to experience,hear and feel.

Karin is great into giving the right advices and kicks you need and truly serve you. Practical tips to reconnect with yourself and build up and strong and confident inner core. That is what I am looking for, so each session just reminds me how grateful I am to have met this woman and started this experience.

 I would highly recommend Karin because she is full of positivity, radiant and loving. Because she kicks you right were you need it and still always stay loving and laughing. Every session is a deep step into myself an a great time relaxing and laughing. She is very professional and dedicated, warm and thoughtfull. 

I highly recommend her, I can’t be grateful enough for meeting her, definitely changed my life in an amazing way."

Céline, Portugal


"I've been a member of Karin's Facebook community, The Vibrant Sensitive-The Movement for almost 1.5 years and her The Vibrant Sensitive Healing Circle program for a few months now. Karin is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and one of the most intuitively gifted people I have ever met. She has an amazing ability to tune into what is going on with the world but also her individual clients as she leads us through a journey of healing and acceptance of what is. I have learned so much from Karin since we met and look forward to her daily insights and encouragement, as well as meeting remotely with her and the other members of the Healing Circle regularly. After each session, I always feel lighter, calmer, more aligned with what I truly want, and grateful for the experience." Holly Booker, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach


"Your work is at a totally different and higher level of everything I've done"  Marie Netz, Massage therapist


" Your children are so lucky to have you as a mother...they are growing up with so many wise words to guide them" Anjali Ayala, Professional Belly Dancer and Teacher


"You have been one of the most authentic and loving mentors over the years. Your wisdom and healing teachings have guided me to know and expand my true self (and finally not feel weird sharing it with the world)."  Renee Wolodkiewicz Krohn


 "It's safe to say that working with Karin has changed my life on a personal and business level. My first experience was a solar plexus healing. After that I had some transforming one on one sessions where we did a healing of the female ancestral line.

I joined the Healing Circle mid 2018 and loved all the inspiration, intention sessions and guided healings/meditations. It gave me focus and support.

In the beginning of 2019 I joined the Quantum Teaching Circle to learn more about all the different healing modalities Karin uses. Her guidance and teachings has proven to be life changing. I feel more confident expressing myself and exploring my own creativity.

If you ever feel that you need support, guidance or someone holding space for you to work trough your own stuff than Karin is your woman. I totally recommend working with her and the programs that she offers."- Susanne Braam, Intuitive Artist (sacred symbology channeler extraordinaire)


"Being part of the healing circle creates a safe space for you to learn, grow and of course heal.

"I joined the circle last year when I was going through massive personal and professional transformation in my life and learning how to connect to source, understanding that your soul knows your way and everything happening in your life can actually be for you and not against you as well as specific healings such as the pelvic healing made a huge impact on the way I was able to positively navigate through that transition and grow as a person because of it.

Karin puts a very positive but real outlook on everything, there is no pretense that everything is perfect or that the goal is to figure out life, she’s a great teacher who also becomes a great friend when you work with her"- Gemma Naomi Purnell, Intuitive Business coach


"For me, what I love about Karin is her embodiment of what she is teaching. This means, that she shows up as who she is and holds that soft-landing wholeheartedly empathetic space and very human space many of us, me included are craving!

So, no wonder amazing healings and life-changing shifts happen when people are in her presence be they in receipt of healing, being part of her extraordinary healing circle or well just in her field!

Yes, really she is that extraordinary! Working with her this year, has shifted me on so deeply, I cannot even put it into words how amazing she is, the is a start!! :)" - Carrie Eddins, PR-coach


 " I received so many unexpected benefits from Karin's pelvic healing group sessions. I had previously done other types of healing for sexual traumas, but had never done any clearing for all the things that Karin included.


From her group session, I achieved even more freedom from those traumas. She cleared energies from past lovers -- which was a relief due to a period of much promiscuity when I was young. I could feel the clearing of scar tissue in my fallopian tubes from an illness. And I remembered an early miscarriage I had all but forgotten. It was so sweet -- I came to know that it was a girl and her name was Jeannie! I felt no sadness, but joy in knowing her soul.


The way I walk has changed since the healing, as the uneven way I held my hips has corrected itself. I can feel the decades-long low back discomfort from my crooked hips healing itself now. And the totally unexpected benefit from all of this? Amazing up-leveling of orgasms!  

Thank you, Karin, for your gifts and the remarkable healing you provided to me!"

Janet Hilts, coach and healer

 "Can I take this lovely day to send out a big, heartfelt Shoutout to Karin Monster-Peters!

Karin, your generosity and the way you give so freely in pure love, and the deep and amazing work you do has changed so much for me. I have had the privilege of being part of the healing circle and receiving healing sessions in there that has been amazing. Most of all, a simple casual conversation with you brought tremendous change to my inner world. I also have to add , that listening and learning from a small number of mentors, I can honestly say that you are by far the most honest, real and human, and that I have come to appreciate that the most. That has cultivated a deep trust within me.
I can never say how valuable you are and the extend of your work and I can only say, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Thank you for being you
And thank you for everything you do.
💟💟💟💟 " Jana Visser, artist

"I had a couple of healing sessions with Karin, which were out of this world...literally! Her ability to tune into you and create the space for the necessary energy work to take place, is amazing. Karin puts you at ease straight away, she's great fun (which is perfect for me!) and keeps you informed of what's happening every step of the way. I'd highly recommend her for anyone who feels things aren't quite right but is unsure what's needed!"

Katie Farrell, coach and hypnotherapist



"Karin cares deeply for you. You sense her genuine kind heart and she has a natural ability to put you at ease and help you relax into the healing session.The session will leave you feeling calm peaceful and centred. Can’t recommend Karin highly enough." 

Kelly Michelle Walsh, Positivity Power Movement founder


" Karin is such a powerful healer. I’ve been so blessed to have worked with Karin both online and in person. Her distance work is so gentle yet it goes deep into clearing any blocks in your body. When I had a healing massage from her recently it was so incredibly powerful. Even though some areas were so tender to touch her energy is so gentle that I was able to relax into what could have been very painful. It really shifted my energy and I released for sure! Karin is so beautiful and gentle but goes very deep when working with you, an incredible healer."

Sam Livermore,  Gladiator of Love, Share the Love Letters Movement


“ I'm so grateful for your help. This had been a most incredible experience for me and it was an honor, you worked with us. ❤🙏
Since then there happened so much for me like my healing work increased and changed to the next level. My intuition is present now whole day and a kind of always knowing what will happen, I'm all areas. It has always been present but did not show up often. Now it's set free and I can't tell you what this really means. I'm simply happy and now I simply have no more words... You are incredible and an angel on earth ❤🙏💖”
Martina Waidhas, Holistic Health Practicioner


"As as reflexologist, reiki Seichem and EFT practitioner, I understand how energetic blockages can keep one feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviours that hold us back from our true potential, no matter how much 'mindfulness' work someone does. However, Karin’s unique ability in helping me to release old patterns allowed me to actually feel integration with my soul on a cellular level... powerful stuff!

Theresa Fowler, The Thought Shifter, self-love and weight loss mentor, and energy worker


"Karin’s intuitive and empathic abilities are incredible. While I tend to be very left-brained and logical, every session I’ve had with her has pulled me out of my head, connected me with my heart and allowed deep and forgotten issues to surface in a safe space of powerful healing. I walk away feeling more alive, more empowered and more whole every time. Thank you Karin!!"

Jessa Green, digital nomad, Inspirational Instigator and Mindset Master


"I had an astounding experience with intuitive healer, Karin Monster-Peters that I want to share with you.
This woman Leads With Love.

Working with Karin was a profound and powerful experience.

In my first session I got so much loving clarity about the things I was holding onto and what was really holding me back.

Some of them surprised me. I had no idea that I'd let someone else take up so much emotional and energetic space in my body and my life.

Immediately things started to show up in my life to call me into the alignment I was now ready for.

It took me many days to start to integrate what was revealed and healed in our session. I left the session buzzing with energy and knowing without a doubt the the most important thing to do was to rest and love myself fiercely.

Thank you, Karin, for helping me clear away the past and release the blocks so I could reclaim myself, heart, mind, body, and soul - and crown myself Queen of me again  👑"

Kristy Zeiler Scher, US


 "Karin is not only a beautiful person, she is both coach and healer, and is totally attuned to her clients' needs. She has done so much for me already. Words can't really convey.
It's so difficult and complicated when you realise that you are wounded, suffering intergenerational trauma, relationship issues, parenting issues and you're HS/gifted with HS/gifted children... all in one hit. But she has totally helped me to navigate and begin to reconcile all these things, breaking cycles and turning my life around. She's also now my friend
I love her very much and can't recommend her enough." 

Charmaine, United Kingdom


"Just some words about Karin Monster-Peters. I have been lucky enough to work closely with Karin, and it has been a fantastically liberating experience 
You know when you confide in a friend or close family member and you have that fear of being judged and you know that the reality is that fear is your own self judgement?

Well working with Karin is never like that, working with Karin is like leaving judgement at the door and accept what is. From here progress is amazingly fast and there are no wrong answers or wrong turns. To be able to face yourself without judging it is one of the most powerful experiences anyone can ever gift you.

And she has a wicked sense of fun – which is pretty much a non-negotiable for me.

She also has the ability bring the magic and mystery of healing and energy work into the comfort zone of the less woo woo. Working with Karin has allow me to accept my own “knowing” and use it in how I work with clients and live my life, interact with my family and friends. I am so much more comfortable accepting my giftedness that ever before 
Love you Karin  <3  <3  <3

Allison, Italy


"Before I came to see Karin, I noticed that I was stuck and that my personal growth and development had stagnated. This frustrated me! I was very aware of what my blockages in my system were, but they were too deeply implanted to be removed or cleared with standard therapy methods. We worked with Touch of Matrix and this proved to be a stunningly powerful method for me. Without judgement and with much love and energy, Karin has released me from old blockages and beliefs. Her personal and warm approach, made me feel enormously at ease, which made the treatment even more successful.

Everyone deserves this clearance of beliefs and blockages so that they can take the steps necessary for growth"

Silvy, The Netherlands.


"It is now 11.11 am in Milan, Italy. This is no coincidence
As Karin told me; 'There are no coincidences '
Karin Monster-Peters is a wonderful human being who brings the gift of her wonderful being and helps us to awaken to the truth of our greatness and potential to be happy and powerful as Highly Sensitive people

11.11 is the awakening code of the universe. Karin welcomed me into her community as she does everyone who reaches out; with honest love, kindness, compassion , humour and vibrancy .
She is truly an amazing, gifted and loving soul. She has laughed and cried with me, shared her heart and wisdom with me through dark moments.
She has comforted and reassured me through my deep insecurities, and continues to help me find my light and let it shine, trustmy inner wisdom and follow my passions

Vibrant sensitves; that is who we truly are, and I thank the Universe for sending me this truly wonderful woman as a spirit guide, friend and inspiration.
I love you Karin ❤
This page is a gift for us sensitive and those who care about us, and we for them. We are welcome and cherished here. Karin really listens to and understands us first hand
I absolutely recommend this page as a place to share, learn and grow, and I completely trust and recommend Karin as a very special and truly gifted personal coach
She is a very beautiful and uniquely gifted soul.
Much love
❤ Pauline"


 "Karin Monster-Peters is a wonderful person, a fabulous coach, a life changer, a Highly sensitive and intelligent woman. She's all-round and a specialist in different areas. She'll do everything possible to make sure you find or stay on your path. I would recommend you getting in contact with her."

Sandra, the Netherlands


A few of my teens have written about their experiences and results after working with me:

"Since I was about 6 or 7 years old Karin has taken me under her wing when it 
came to my social problems at school, caused by high intelligence (one of her best fields). I saw her often and she helped me get through my school period, during which I was bullied a lot. Once those problems had slowly vanished, we lost contact for a while…

Until my parents split up. After 25 years of harmonious marriage, all of a sudden 
they weren’t able to get along anymore and with much nasty conflict they sadly 
had to separate. Such an event was pretty horrible for me as a 15 year-old, and for a long time I struggled with how to process this.

Eventually, my mom mentioned Karin’s name again after a long time. One thing led to another, and there I was: in a warm room, holding a cup of tea and later lying down on the couch. Karin was sitting across from me, and it was like we hadn’t even been apart for that long. With her soothing words she continued to help me get as close to my pain as possible.

It was hard, emotional and a very confronting thing to do, but it helped me forward in processing the break in my perfectly fine world that had occurred a couple of years prior.

But the best thing about the session was the warm and familiar atmosphere 
caused by the surroundings, but more so by Karin’s presence. She knows exactly 
what to say, when to say it and how to say it. 
With these skills she helped me get 
to where I am now: a far more stable 20-year-old ready to take on the path that 
has been set out before him! And I know that when that path gets rough, there’ll 
be a warm cup of tea waiting for me only a short drive away…"
Christan Hakkert


A 17 year-old...:
"Before I came to see Karin I was struggling with some confidence issues, and with some restlessnes in my head. I felt depressed, hopeless, and I hated going to school. After the first visit with Karin I already felt more clarity when I thought about myself, and about school and other things I was struggling with at the time. Like the pessimistic lens thru which I saw the world was gone. 
I am gratefull for the help Karin offered me and I feel great about the improvements I made. I would highly recommend Karin because she is very understanding and nice to talk to (and sweet), and her hypnotic therapy works wonders." 
Koszja Poeisz

A mom of a 10 year old:

"I need ... no I want to write this ...

I met Karin Monster-Peters at a PPC (Project Positive Change) event in London this year (May). 
I didn't think much because I'm not a 'highly sensitive parent' ... in fact, I'm the total opposite  :-P

Recently Karin posted that she works with Teenagers.

I'm a very awake, intuitive, empathic and ambivert mom, with a lot of emotional experience, and when it comes to kids and teenagers, I just get them.

But I hit a plateau and I needed some support and help with my middle daughter.
Who I came to realise is a highly sensitive empath.

My dominance was bringing out her strong character to 'please everyone', especially mommy.
She was trying to be self-sufficient and tough like me, and ignoring that she's not me.

I then called on Karin - impulsively I might add - bearing in mind that I'd seen and had been able to absorb her presence and energy for about 4-5 months already.

My kids grow up dual language - English and German and I was very concerned that things wouldn't work - so I set up a date to meet the really cool lady with the cool name 'MONSTERS'  :-D 
And my daughter agreed to the sessions.

It's been two sessions already.

By my daughter seeing that I was acknowledging her sensitivity and wanting to help her (along with other stuff I was doing prior to meeting Karin that I've worked really hard on), she's done a 360!

Today she had to write a letter for her German subject - a letter to her primary school teacher. She let me read it and I just cried.

She apologised in her own way for being a little difficult in the school years.

.....(removed for privacy)
After having a session with Karin about building her self-esteem and how wonderful and amazing she is.

I could write about this forever ahahaha ...
I felt compelled to write this as there may be another momma sitting on the fence as to whether she should be joining Karin on her new programme or working with her.

All I can say is, is that she's the real-deal: honest, down-to-earth, REAL, simple, trustworthy and just plain wonderful.

Thank you Karin"
All my love Sashka Hanna-Rappl and my baby girl  <3

"I reached out to Karin about an issue that kept coming up with my teenage son. Each year school would start, he'd start on a fresh page but soon everything would spiral out of control for him and his self-esteem. This has been happening for years now, and I've reached out to experts in the past but nothing had worked.

This kid is bright and has so much going for him, but this struggle kept pulling him down over and over. We (our family) were all at our wit's end. I guess an angel tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that Karin works with kids. I listened to this intuitive hit and reached out immediately.

The improvement and total shift in his energy, self-esteem, and grades have been night and day. Karin detected an actual learning disability before she ever met with him, one that is spot on and no other experts I've taken him to have seen. He has all the tools he needs now, and the energetic work she's done with him. Wow, just... WOW.

I can't recommend her strongly enough. She is a thorough, thoughtful and highly empathetic coach for kids. I know the work they are doing together will last a lifetime. And, also, this work has shifted the energy of the whole family really. Because when he was struggling, we were all struggling.
It takes a village to raise a child and I can say that I'm so very grateful that Karin is a mama in my village!"
Rachel Hansen


"I had several coaching and energy management sessions with Karin after my husband had sessions with her himself with great results. I started out because I was curious but mostly because I knew that I had a lot to clear out in my system. During the discovery session I was freed of many emotions, so I was hooked and knew I had to work with Karin.

In only a few sessions I felt different: calm...happy...Karin is a very loving person with an enormous amount of energy. During the session 'things' happen that I just can't explain and are very special. I'm happy that Karin came into my path."

C., The Netherlands



"Karin is very intelligent. She knows what you need and she is creative in her methods. One session you might get a Touch of Matrix energy clearing session and another session you might do a meditation with a guided visualisation. After her sessions I feel strong and powerful and dare to do the things that come from within me and dare to dream those things that arise from this empowerment. In short, my energy field is totally optimized."

R. The Netherlands



" I turned to Karin in a moment of desperation, having always had a sense that the relationship with my mother had and was impacting my life and ability to be true to myself, accept myself and shine as who I am (I use these phrases now having worked with Karin – beforehand I couldn’t vocalise the sense of unease).

 I saw clearly that in order to thrive in my life and to continue to step up in my business I needed to change something – though I had no idea what.

 Karin stepped in and explained a little about what she would do, in the first session it was about releasing and allowing me look at the relationship with truth for the first time ever.  She made it safe to voice for the first time those very deeply buried and never acknowledged truths, that my mother did not love (for her own reasons)  me unconditionally.  That I had been manipulated and conditioned to behave in a certain way from birth – and the only time I was given attention was when I moved outside that behaviour, being highly sensitive instead of rebelling against this for attention I kept trying to be more and more like that version of myself in the hope she would notie it.  This was a behaviour I carried through most of my relationships.  That had led to depressions, the sense that my spirit was crushed, that I had no reason to exist and in a very bad period the desire to be dead. 

 Until I worked with Karin I had no idea that these weren’t my fault.  I spent many years blaming myself for not being….what ever it was.  I felt like utterly flawed.

 Karin also helped me understand that I am a Highly Sensitive Person and as such these behaviours had a much later impact on me that maybe someone else.

 In my time with Karin that I learned that I had been denying who I was at my core for my whole life – hence the inability to accept and love myself and the sense of something just not being right with me,  hebce the constant unease, anxieties.

 I have been able to embrace myself fully, and through techniques given to me by Karin – I have begun a journey back inside to connect and nurture my inner child and to rebuild her trust and make her feel loved.  On the outside I am now willing to speak my truth,  I am willing to listen to my own intuition and less likely to swayed by other people’s differing opinions.  I know who I am – even if I am not exactly there yet.

 I can’t say enough about Karin’s gentle manner and her uncanny ability to see the pain, its cause and how to release it." 

Allison, Milan, Italy


"It was no coincidence that I met Karin last year. I'm convinced that this was meant to be.

For some time, I had been feeling restless, tired and felt like I didn't have time for anything. I felt stuck. The road I had been on, didn't feel right anymore. But what is my path, what is my misson in life?

The sessions with Karin have helped me see how important it is to stay in touch with your feelings and that there are always plenty of excuses, assumptions and beliefs but sometimes you just have to jump into the deep end. When you really want something, how difficult it remains for me, I must go ahead and jump in: Do it!

During every coaching session we always also had an energy clearing treatment. The effects are powerful. A lot has been set in motion because of all the old blockages have been lifted by Karin. It is an unique experience that cannot be expressed in words, so I won't even try. The effects of the sessions are deep and you can really see in everything that something has been put in motion.

I really love the the manner in which Karin combines coaching with energy management. It's a powerful combination. Additionaly, Karin's is just a very lovely person! She is accessible, enthusiastic, commited and passionate and because of this I felt totally comfortable with her.

Meanwhile, things are really picking up for me. I have a lot more energy and feal less lethargic. Step by step, with Karin's help, I'm finding my way, my goal in life. I haven't jumped into that deep end just yet, but I feel in everything that I do, that I will!"

M., The Netherlands.


'I came across Karin in the Highly sensitive parenting group she runs. I have been wanting to get on with my business as a counsellor for some time but things have always got in the way! After just one session with Karin I found renewed enthusiasm and was able to identify the blocks that are hindering my development. Karin helped me to set some realistic goals and ways to work towards achieving them. I have every faith Karin could help me achieve these goals and get my business of the ground whilst taking care of my self so I do over do it  (like I usually do!).
Many thanks Karin.'  Lucy Parker, UK


"I really want to give a testimonial about my sessions with Karin. It's difficult to be original though because everything I read on other testimonials is completely true. A friend referred me to Karin , I had a burn out and had a very strong feeling that I was up against a wall and could not move anymore . She helped me a lot with the coaching conversations! And really her character alone does wonders !! Her energetic healing treatments are very nice , and I would like to experience more of it. One thing is certain, with the loving, enthusiastic, energetic and sincere help Karin offers. I will definitely get there!

Love M. V." The Netherlands


"After months of tests, doubts and a child who was feeling worse and worse we found Karin. Since we started seeing you our child is a different child. Happy, full of joy and excited to show what she is made of. With a lot more confidence she also shows what she can do at school. She moved up to level 4 in only a month! She has no more ADHD symptoms, she sits still in the class circle, is involved and is asking questions to the other kids. She has a new overview in regard to what she has to do and starts getting things done by herself. Her teacher is very surprised with the new changes in her and has no idea as to the cause. We clearly see that after you tested her and diagnosed her with a high level of intelligence, everyone sees and acts accordingly. This make a big difference. In this short time you spend with her, you truly connected and saw our child which has had a huge effect on both her and our family.

With deep gratitude I am writing this with tears in my eyes… We have our sweet, creative and happy daughter back!"

Family M., The Netherlands


"We found Karin through a folder. Our daughter was not feeling very well at her primary school. She was being bullied and as a result, could not be herself. With her sessions Karin has helped her enormously and Karin made her feel at ease quickly. Later on we received the high school level recommendation for our daughter from her school. This level turned out to be HAVO (mid-level) while we and our daughter both thought she could handle a higher level. Karin in turn administered an IQ test and immediately confirmed our thoughts. She has an IQ of 145! With Karin’s report we went to the high school, which she now attends, and was put in gymnasium (top level). She is happy at her school, is getting good grades and is finally being challenged at her level. This would not have happened if not for your good and heartfelt advices.

Thank you very much."

Family V. , the Netherlands



"While I had sessions with you, we also talked about Geena, my daugter. Geena was struggling at school. She had been in therapy with Yvonne Steenhuizen for a year. Yvonne eventually advised us to get Geena tested and recommended your name. Geena then had some sessions with you and still talks about it. She misses it. She enjoyed your talks and felt at ease with you.

Furthermore, what absolutely thrilled me was that Geena, our last of three to go to high school, was the only one to go without fear and problems.

I would have really liked to have met you earlier so my other two children would have stepped into the grown up world with less apprehension and fear.

We are really happy with your help, openness and warmth.

Loving regards,

Sandra and Geena van Dreumel"

the Netherlands


"Karin's superpower? Her sparkling, positive, uplifiting energy!"

C. the Netherlands


"I've known Karin for a good many years and have seen her develop from a young woman with a great heart for childrens wellbeing into a both scientific and open intuitive healer. I've had many personal experiences as she helped me to balance some of my own old load energetically so I could deal with it properly. That load also gave me physical trouble that have improved tremendously since as well. Karin feels what it is you need and is able to give that in a constructive way. A good combination of sensitiveness and being down to earth." 

Danielle, the Netherlands


"Dear Karin

Thank you very much for the session this morning!
Valuable, loving, and very clear. What a wonderful combination between lightness, depth and expertise. 

Lots of love,

C., The Netherlands"

 "Any one who hasn't snapped up some of Karin's time - I highly recommend it. She gets to the crux of the matter in no time at all and gives you real actionable strategies to get working on now!" 

Alli, Milan

 "Such a big gift for yourself 💝 and a big and loving gift from Karin! I can absolutely recommend this to you!" S. The Netherlands

 "Karin is so wonderful to talk with. She is very authentic and I immediately felt comfortable speaking with her, as if I had known her for years. She is extremely intuitive, and helped me to realize that the goals that I had established were not my own, but merely expectations that I felt I should be working on. I also greatly appreciated her advice on setting boundaries, and continue to use what I learned from our session."

B, Florida, U.S.



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