Meet Karin

I love that you've decided to take serious steps to create life on your sensitive terms. On this page you will find all the information you need to get to know me and how I've reached this point in my life.

But I must admit: My brain kind of freezes when someone asks me to say in a few sentences who I am and what I do. You'd see my eyes glaze over and all I can say is "I'm sorry..."Who? Me?!" And then least on the outside...on the inside this is what's happening:

The philosopher in me starts a rant about 'nobody ever knowing who they really are', the life coach in me doesn't know if this question is effective and wants more specific details, the spiritual healer part of me starts talking about my 'soul and what about all of those previous lives, do they count?', the psychologist in me really thinks my ego and all my qualifications are 'what should come first' (because the ego always thinks it comes first and at this point it gets into a fight with my spiritual me), the parenting coach in me is kind of disappointed with all this fighting and is considering how to break these two apart in a positive way, the yogi in me is looking around for her mat where she can go sit in a dignified way to ponder this question and the mother in me just kinds of give an exhausted yawn (especially after that fight that just happened) and asks if she 'can be excused for a nap'.

So, after I get through all that and manage to silence them all, I say...:

"Well, I'm 'just Karin'. And I'm the best Karin I can be".

By now you've probably concluded that I have some kind of multiple personality disorder. Believe me, there were times I thought that too...but no, I'm a highly sensitive mother of 3 children, a psychologist, a life coach, a parenting coach and an energy worker. And I've been on the path of living life on my terms for a while now. Throughout my professional life I've specialized in high sensitivity, giftedness, parenting, energy management and healing.

I am an energy healer with a vast background in psychology, education, parenting and life purpose work. You say High Sensitivity or Giftedness and I say, "What do you want to know?!"

You say I want more passion and purpose in my life...I say, "When do you want to start?!"

You feel stuck in trauma and overwhelm and you are ready to finally heal and break the cycle, because you know your soul is aching to be seen and I say: "I SEE you, I SEE you...Welcome...Let's do this!"

I don't go for shallow work, I love the deep work that goes with healing the past, transforming the now, to free you for your future and the generations to come...

I am passionate about EVERYTHING that has helped me heal and become more productive and healthy. That means I am an autodidact when it comes to healthy eating, essential oils, supplements, body work, yoga, taichi, habits, organization, manifestation, crystals and whatever else I have come acrossed!

I love my calling and I am deeply committed to the facilitating of your transformational journey. You are not alone.

That means creating a non-judgement compassionate loving space for your healing to take place, at your own pace, in your own time....

Because you know what....I already love you...with all your faults and imperfections...I love you. And I can't wait to help you fall in love with you too....

As a psychologist, life coach and healer I have been deeply blessed with helping over 700 families over the past 10 years. I've become an expert in psychological testing of children in which I not only use scientifically based testing tools but also all my experience and intuition. Many children have been saved from crippling misdiagnoses because I dare to use my 'sixth sense'. But, my ability to truly connect with children and their parents is what truly makes me very good at what I do.

Highly Sensitive Parents was created when I sat down and combined all my passions, expertises and experiences. But the more I went out into the world with my passions, the more I realized that I wanted to extend my gifts to all the Highly Sensitive and Gifted...not just the parents!  I want to inspire you into creating time, emotional space and clarity in who you are, so that you can start living with purpose and flow and create the life of your dreams.

 But, you're probably curious about how I came to be and how my life has been until now, and to ease your curiosity I've written "My life story" (go ahead and get some tea first, I got a bit carried away....)

I've been a guest in many podcast and you can get to know me even better when you check those out!

On my Youtube channel you will find video's that I've created for our Highly Sensitive Parents Community (are you a parent as well...go ahead and join!) and most are very relevant to non parents as well. You will also find video's there that I created for Project Positive Change.

And if you want to know why I feel I'm qualified to help you (if my life story didn't convince you)...check out my LinkedIn profile.

 Please contact me if you want to know more of how we can set up a coaching package that fits your needs.



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