The 3 Pillars of the Vibrant Sensitive Life

Why I started a MOVEMENT! Read on through the 3 pillars!

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I Help Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and High-Achievers Heal. It is vital that we feel a connection and that we have an energetic alignment. Book a "Do We Have Chemistry" Session and we can explore this together!

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"Before I came to see Karin, I noticed that I was stuck and that my personal growth and development had stagnated. This frustrated me! I was very aware of what my blockages in my system were, but they were too deeply implanted to be removed or cleared with standard therapy methods. We worked with Touch of Matrix and this proved to be a stunningly powerful method for me. Without judgement and with much love and energy, Karin has released me from old blockages and beliefs. Her personal and warm approach, made me feel enormously at ease, which made the treatment even more successful. Everyone deserves this clearance of beliefs and blockages so that they can take the steps necessary for growth "

Silvy, The Netherlands.

"I had several coaching and energy management sessions with Karin after my husband had sessions with her himself with great results. I started out because I was curious but mostly because I knew that I had a lot to clear out in my system. During the discovery session I was freed of many emotions, so I was hooked and knew I had to work with Karin. In only a few sessions I felt different: calm...happy...Karin is a very loving person with an enormous amount of energy. During the session 'things' happen that I just can't explain and are very special. I'm happy that Karin came into my path. "

C., The Netherlands

"Karin is not only a beautiful person, she is both coach and healer, and is totally attuned to her clients' needs. She has done so much for me already. Words can't really convey. It's so difficult and complicated when you realise that you are wounded, suffering intergenerational trauma, relationship issues, parenting issues and you're HS/gifted with HS/gifted children... all in one hit. But she has totally helped me to navigate and begin to reconcile all these things, breaking cycles and turning my life around. She's also now my friend I love her very much and can't recommend her enough."

Charmaine, UK

Life Coaching and Mentoring

For those moments in life when you might need someone to hold your hand when you stumble, kick your behind when you're straying from your purpose or tell you what you need to hear to step into you!

Energy Healing

This is my true gift! An eclectic mix of energy healing modalities combined into exactly what you need in this moment! There is no way to describe can only experience it! 


Simple to take, fun to do, and a profoundly effective way to discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you, starting now.

Become a part of the Vibrant Sensitive Healing Circle

A membership programme for Highly Sensitive and Gifted People who are ready to release what is holding them back and transform their lives. Group healing and community building for more empowerment and flow!

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