" I was stunned by the goodness this clearing opened up for me. I knew what a powerful healer Karin is, so I was expecting relief from unwanted feelings and beliefs centered here. And yes, that blessed relief came to me. But what a delicious surprise it was to experience the bliss and wonder of the new connectedness I felt to my own body -- and to new possibilities of creativity, with an expanded ability to receive all that is good. Give yourself this gift of Karin's remarkable experience, healing skills and deep connection with you."


Energy Clearing and Healing of the Pelvic

A transformational Healing Journey into the deepness of you

Throughout my years of healing work, I've learned that the human body is amazing and complex.

 It is a vessel which harbors an entire lifetime of traumas and joys, heartbreaks and successes – whether or not we consciously remember them.

 And one of the main places we, especially us women, store them…is in our pelvic region.

This is your opportunity to tap into the energetic clearing and healing of the Pelvic in my signature healing process!

I have been doing this same process one-on-one for many years....

I was called to align as many women as I could into this healing frequency...

And I did, and the results have been amazing!

Our pelvic region holds on to so much, it's actually 'scary' to even go there...especially when you don't know how...or when you feel alone...

In yoga, they call the psoas the muscle of the soul...but it is not only the psoas, it’s the hips, joints, colon, bladder,  your reproductive organs and your sexual organs…

You will not believe what we store and where and on which layer of being…!

I am talking sexual partners, sexual experiences, miscarriages, abortions, pregnancies, births, emotions around worth, sexuality, money, etc...etc...

And what about what you have taken on through the generations? DNA? Past lifes? 

These trapped memories of pain and trauma can express themselves in unwanted ways – disease and illness, toxic relationships, lack of fulfillment and joy.

This negativity can impact all aspects of your life.

The good news is, that they don’t have stay stuck there!

Through my years of working with women, I have developed a process to unravel and remove that what you have been holding on to…that simply doesn’t serve you anymore! 

All these old wounds, past traumas, and blocks prevent you from living out your true, full potential.

You will reconnect to your body and to your soul for a more passionate and intentional way of life!

When the #metoo movement first rose, I thought that I had no trauma around sex and boundaries....

Until I started reading the stories and realized that there were many moments where:

- I was sexualized, even as a child

- I had no boundaries around sex...saying yes, when actually, it was a clear 'no' for my body and soul.

- I desperately tried to 'please' my partner sexually...and felt a total failure.

- Have been groped and flashed by strangers.

- etc...etc....

All this was stored deep within me.

Waiting to explode in my body....tick...tick...tick...

And when I dove deep into the healing...I crumbled and cried for days!

This was just  what I felt were 'insignificant' incidents.... 

I know that there are many women who have been through rape and sexual abuse.

And let's not forget all the other trauma that I had stored: miscarriage, emotions and scary moments during the pregnancies and birth of my children, feelings of shame around my sexual needs, past sexual partners. Imagine my surprise when I accessed the spiritual layers and actually cleared the trauma of generations before me as well!

And you can do this too!

I feel a deep calling to help as many women as I can through my healing process.

I hope you are saying "I want to heal!" to yourself today and that you feel called to join me and others like you...women ready to access wholeness!

In this 2 hour session, you will be clearing and healing these experiences on all levels!

Remember, that when MORE gather in the name of love and healing...MAGIC happens!

This is pure energetic alignment to a powerful healing frequency...reclaiming your personal and spiritual power once and for all!

This is my true gift, I can align you to this energy frequency and you can tap into the energy when you do the recording. Energy is not lineair...which means that you can always ACCESS it.

This is a GUIDED healing moment:

All you have to do, is close your eyes, feel, release, clear and heal.

"The pelvic healing group offered a safe place to heal past and present attachments linked to the pelvic area. Karin offered a wonderful deep, cleansing and healing session with a place to open up about what healings took place. I would recommend this session"

Tracy Suzanne

"This was incredible, deep but gentle 110% recommend! "

Sam Livermore

How can you dive in?

For only €66 you can propel your healing journey and sign up for this trasformational experience. When you wish to add an extra " How am I doing" session you can! For only €149 you will have a 1-on-1 session with me!


I am ready!


Yes please!

"I’ve done this session with Karin Monster-Peters and cannot recommend it enough. It was actually weeks of sweet healing and restoration that have left me in a state of wholeness."

Monique Alvarez
Business Coach-Monique Alvarez Enterpirses


I will provide you with 2 different recordings of live group healing sessions. During these sessions you will be aligning to the vibration of healing and clearing of unwanted frequencies in your system. This recording is as powerful as doing it live! Energy is not lineair and you WILL recieve exactly what you need as you tap into these frequencies.


Anything and everything that has been stored in the pelvic area that doesn't serve you anymore!


With the space you have created with the clearing...NOW, new energy can come in...and heal what is needed!


To the Energy of your System and your Soul's Blueprint.

Because it truly knows the way!

"Thank you, Karin, for helping me clear away the past and release the blocks so I could reclaim myself, heart, mind, body, and soul - and crown myself Queen of me again 👑" Kristy Zeiler Scher, US "

Are you ready to make space? 

"I received so many unexpected benefits from Karin's pelvic healing group sessions. I had previously done other types of healing for sexual traumas, but had never done any clearing for all the things that Karin included. From her group session, I achieved even more freedom from those traumas. She cleared energies from past lovers -- which was a relief due to a period of much promiscuity when I was young. I could feel the clearing of scar tissue in my fallopian tubes from an illness. And I remembered an early miscarriage I had all but forgotten. It was so sweet -- I came to know that it was a girl and her name was Jeannie! I felt no sadness, but joy in knowing her soul. The way I walk has changed since the healing, as the uneven way I held my hips has corrected itself. I can feel the decades-long low back discomfort from my crooked hips healing itself now. And the totally unexpected benefit from all of this? Amazing up-leveling of orgasms! Thank you, Karin, for your gifts and the remarkable healing you provided to me!"

Janet Hilts

"Powerful stuff!"

Liz Caraballo
Priestess of Love, Rebellion and Joy

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