My journey into healing

My father died in July 2006.  I wanted to keep in touch with him so badly...didn't want to lose the connection, actually ASKED him before he died to please please keep in touch...

But what happened was that all my gates opened...all of them...! I didn't sleep with the lights off for a year after that. I FELT everything. Entities around me, even in my bed. I had asked for it, and there it was. And I was scared shitless. Truly and utterly shivering with all this information and energy around me. Until I went to my spiritual healer and she CAN also ask it to now close up a bit until you are READY. 

READY? How can I be ready for this? Is it possible to not live in fear of the unknown? I really never thought I would be! Just close those damn gates and leave me alone. It got quiet enough in my system for me to at least start exploring and learning about what I had experienced....

May 2007: I read Lynne Mctaggart's book "The Intention Experiment". I felt like a kid in a candy store! Here she was, explaining what I was feeling in scientific terms....! Numbers, facts, research! I was drooling! And then I watched  the movie "The Secret" and "What the Bleep do we know" and I swore...if I ever come across an energy healing modality that worked with the Quantum Field, that would be 'my thing'.

Fast forward to October 2012. I had been through a burnout and two pregnancies, since 'closing' myself in 2007. And doing very much my best to burn myself out once more. Totally exhausted and so lost, I was browsing at the library when I saw this flyer:  Touch of Matrix sessions in Nijmegen. I picked it up quickly and googled it....could this be it? Have I found 'my thing'?

I had!! I called and scheduled sessions! My husband scheduled sessions! My sister in law scheduled sessions! Things were happening that we just couldn't explain! My husband's neck hernia disappeared. The scoliosis in my back was gone! I had a straight back! 

So, January 2nd 2013 my husband and I started our training as energy healers! 

Since then I became a Touch of Matrix Therapist, a Qure Energetic Connections Therapist, and a Soul Body Fusion Practicioner. I also trained in hypnotic techniques like the Jeffrey Stephens protocol, Fast Inductions, Hypnosis and Pain reduction, Hypnosis and Children, NLP and more! It's addictive!

And yes, there I was: READY! Ready to open again, to feel, to heal my fear, to heal my body and to facilitate healing in others.

The famous inventor, Thomas Edison predicted the future quite well – when he said, “the doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” He’s so right!


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