This type of programme is for you if you are highly committed to making a quick shift in your focus, to bringing up your energy level, and bringing more balance into your life right NOW!

And you want to do this in beautiful Portugal in Foz do Arelho.


A 2 day intensive healing and coaching experience that will catalyze your system into creating self-care habits that will fit you and your life so that they stick! Healing, change and growth are then inevitable!

 When signing up for this intensive:

  • You will first go through my intake process which includes a ‘Customize Your Intensive’-session
  • an assessment to hone in on your current situation (your family, your work, your system) and your personality  and create a baseline for future growth.
    Then we both take out our planners and set up a date!

During our 2 days together we will:

  • Create clarity on where you are and we will be declaring where you want to go.
  • We will develop a clear step-by-step plan for you to implement your best self-care habits.
  • I will teach you relaxation and energy management techniques to help YOU become your own healer. Be gently guided through proven processes that are guaranteed to support you in dissolving and releasing current intense emotions such as grief, anger, humiliation, and guilt as well as past stress and trauma from the nervous system
  • And to create space in your system, we will work on mastering your psychology by clearing out the limiting beliefs that might arise during our time together and setting new empowering ones in place.

And as a BONUS you will receive:

2 follow-up Zoom sessions!
True transformation takes time and I want you to get the results that you really want!

Your follow-ups keep your transformation in motion and will be set up as following:

  • First follow-up session will take place one week after our days together. I will check in on your progress and coach you on any challenges that you may have encountered. And of course, we will celebrate all your wins on that week!
  • The second follow-up session will usually take place 3-4 weeks after the first one, after you've been taking some time to implement everything you've learned. We will assess, reinforce and celebrate your wins.

Set up a call with me and let's explore how we can work together to STOP OVERWHELM NOW.

Investment €2600 (Payment plan)

€2,200 on Full pay 

Payment Plan: €1200 on booking and €1400 10 days before our VIP days.   

Empowered Decision Bonus: Healing Energy session 3 months after our Intensive (value €300), a 90-minute deep dive coaching and energy session for those who enroll within 48 hours of our Chemistry Call.

Zoom intensive? Then I can offer a €500 discount, making it a full investment of €2,100 on Payment Plan and €1700 of Full Pay.




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