This is THE 3-month programme for you when you are ready to stop physical, emotional and mental overwhelm and release, reframe, reclaim, renew and reboot your inner power to finally live your life in a way that fits your sensitive needs.

When signing up for this programme, we will start off with:

  • A initial 60 minutes “Get Clear” kick-off session to customize your programme to meet your needs and get clear on your visions and goals. We will be accessing your subconscious programs and find what has kept you stuck to prepare you for a fresh start with a clear mind and an open heart.

And then we will:

  • Release outdated, dis-empowering habits, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that sabotage your health, relationships and peace of mind and make space for new, positive, internal programs that support your sensitive life.
    Install new, powerful, subconscious programs that allow you to create a life you love and a future you look forward to with deeply connected relationships, a healthy body and a solid foundation of confidence, purpose and self-love.

And how? What else is included?

  • We will have 2 Zoom sessions a month.
  • First session will always be a Energy Healing of the Pelvic area. This session is foundationally necessary for our time together.
  • You will get recordings of our Zoom sessions so that you can focus on the session without having to take notes and even redo exercises and techniques we practiced during the session. 
  • You will have unlimited email access for questions and support during your transformation process.
  • Reviews and tracking of your progress between sessions.
  • You will learn powerful proven, amazingly effective techniques and tools for energy management, staying intentional, creating your ongoing support and building unshakable continuity.
  • You will also learn techniques to calm your own nervous system and manage current stress. 
    Is this the program you? Do you yearn for a more vibrant life? Let's talk!


€1197 (Payment Plan)

€997 Full Pay

Payment Plan: € 347 non-refundable commitment deposit + 2 x € 425 month


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