Do you have specific goals you want to work on? Is defining and creating 'Your Having it All' something that you yearn for? Are you still wondering what you came here to DO? Then this is your programme!

"Contrary to popular belief, having it all is not about striving for perfection, or about living our lives according to someone else's standards or expecations.

We were meant to have it all; to continually give birth to new desires and to fulfill them.

Life is a process of defining and redefining what we want and as a result, our desires are continually under revision. There is no final destination. It's about manifesting those expressions in life that call our attention and that speak to our unique values, dreams and desires. 

Having it all simply means having access to all of yourself, in any moment you choose it and in every aspect of life that is important tot you. 

We need to recognize and honor shifting priorities.
Having it all does NOT mean doing it all." 

Christy Whitman


You sign up for a minimum of 12 months because it is highly customized to your individual, goals, needs and progress.

Deep transformation doesn’t happen overnight. We shift, we change, we grow, we heal, we shift, we grow, we heal…one step at a time, building momentum for life long sustainable transformation and success.

When signing up for this programme we will start with:

  • One initial 2 hour “Get Inspired, Get Clear” kick-off session to customize your programme to meet your needs and get clear on your visions and to create a baseline for your growth and change. This includes The Passion Test!
  • After completing the assessment, we set up an extra session to discuss the results and how we will be proceeding…and yes, we then set up our sessions for the next 3 months. Clarity and accountability are vital aspects for your success during our coaching and healing relationship.

So, what else is included in this programme?

  • 2  Zoom coaching and healing sessions a month.
  • First session will always be a Energy Healing of the Pelvic area. This session is foundationally necessary for our time together.
  • Recording of our Zoom sessions so that you can focus on the session without having to take notes and even redo exercises and techniques we practiced during the session. 
  • Email access for questions and support during your transformation process.
  • Reviews and tracking of your progress between sessions.
  • Powerful proven, amazingly effective techniques and tools for energy management, staying intentional, creating your ongoing support and building unshakable continuity.
  • Creating and reinforcing self-care habits and routines that fit you, will be part of this process as well.
    Powerful techniques to calm your own nervous system and manage current stress. At the end of our time together, you’ll be so practiced with this tools, that you’ll easily be able to use them for creating other big shifts in your life.
  • Tools to help you free your mind forever so you can focus on loving yourself and your loved ones.
  • Action steps to move into the new chapter of your life.
  • Me, with a life-long package of experiences as a sensitive person, 23 years of experience as a sensitive mother of highly sensitive spirited children and more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, psychologist, life purpose coach and energy worker. I will be expertly guiding you, compassionately holding space for you and lovingly kicking your behind when you need it.

Book a call with me if you feel that this is the programme you need right now.

 Investment 12 months € 6,497 (Payment Plan)

Full Pay: € 4,997
Payment Plan: €797 non-refundable commitment deposit + 10 x €570  monthly payments.

Empowered Decision Bonus: Healing Energy session, 2 hours customized deep dive coaching and energy work to jump-start your progress (value €350). Available when you enroll within 48 hours of our Chemistry Call.


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