Hypnosis and Coaching for pre-teens, teens and young adults

I use all type of techniques in my work with children, teens and adults. I am a trained child psychologist and have been adding many tools for transformation throughout the years. 

The following information describes the services I provide as a coach, child psychologist and hypnotherapist. Please feel free to request any further clarification of the information provided.

I hold a Master’s degree from Radboud University in the Netherlands in Child Development, Parenting and Education and I have been specializing in the Gifted and the Highly Sensitive since 2001. I have received more than 700 families into my private practice. I have trained in hypnosis, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, many energy healing modalities, NLP, MBCT and more.

I am also a mother of 3 children (1999, 2009, 2010) and I always come to you with all my knowledge and experience.

But: All of our work will be conducted in a coaching relationship; there is no therapy. Please read my Full Disclaimer before contacting me.

Children and teens react extremely well to hypnotic and energetic techniques…their subconscious mind is still being formed and is very pliable!

What are the main issues that Highly Sensitive and/or Gifted teens deal with?

  • Anxiety, sleep issues, not able to let go...
  • Depression
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Body image
  • Belonging...or better yet, not belonging and thus loneliness
  • Perfectionism/Fear of failure
  • Deep sadness and pain while parents are going through a divorce...

You get the picture. Our children feel deeply and thus internalize their problems quickly. The quicker we nip it in the bud....the better! They are free to keep on growing with confidence and self-knowledge!

A few of my teens have written about their experiences and results after working with me:

"Since I was about 6 or 7 years old Karin has taken me under her wing when it 
came to my social problems at school, caused by high intelligence (one of her best fields). I saw her often and she helped me get through my school period, during which I was bullied a lot. Once those problems had slowly vanished, we lost contact for a while…

Until my parents split up. After 25 years of harmonious marriage, all of a sudden 
they weren’t able to get along anymore and with much nasty conflict they sadly 
had to separate. Such an event was pretty horrible for me as a 15 year-old, and for a long time I struggled with how to process this.

Eventually, my mom mentioned Karin’s name again after a long time. One thing led to another, and there I was: in a warm room, holding a cup of tea and later lying down on the couch. Karin was sitting across from me, and it was like we hadn’t even been apart for that long. With her soothing words she continued to help me get as close to my pain as possible.

It was hard, emotional and a very confronting thing to do, but it helped me forward in processing the break in my perfectly fine world that had occurred a couple of years prior.

But the best thing about the session was the warm and familiar atmosphere 
caused by the surroundings, but more so by Karin’s presence. She knows exactly 
what to say, when to say it and how to say it. 
With these skills she helped me get 
to where I am now: a far more stable 20-year-old ready to take on the path that 
has been set out before him! And I know that when that path gets rough, there’ll 
be a warm cup of tea waiting for me only a short drive away…"
Christan Hakkert


A 17 year-old...:
"Before I came to see Karin I was struggling with some confidence issues, and with some restlessnes in my head. I felt depressed, hopeless, and I hated going to school. After the first visit with Karin I already felt more clarity when I thought about myself, and about school and other things I was struggling with at the time. Like the pessimistic lens thru which I saw the world was gone.
I am gratefull for the help Karin offered me and I feel great about the improvements I made. I would highly recommend Karin because she is very understanding and nice to talk to (and sweet), and her hypnotic therapy works wonders."
Koszja Poeisz


And a now 19 year old:

"How Karin supported me throughout the years

When I was about 6 years old, I was always very sad and sick and my parents were worried about me. So they called Karin, who tested my IQ and talked to me. She told my parents that I was Highly Intelligent and Highly Sensitive and gave us advice about how to handle these things. It turned out that my current school didn’t suit me, so Karin accompanied my parents to several schools and helped them pick the best one for me. Even after that, whenever something was wrong, I could always talk to Karin.

Karin keeps finding and studying new ways to help people and can therefore help you with a wide range of issues. I have struggled throughout my whole school career. I got bullied and as a result of that I got very depressed. Karin talked to me about it, and helped me where the psychologist couldn’t. When my fear of failure was getting in the way of me passing mathematics, Karin used hypnosis to help me tackle my stress and stop blacking out on tests. And in my final year of school she helped me control my fear of failing the final examinations. I even did a small internship with her, in the 4th class of secondary school.

I would have never thought that 13 years after we met, I would still be in touch with Karin. She is great to talk to and is always there to help. Thank you Karin for supporting me all these years."

Sietske Leusink


A mom of a 10 year old:

I need ... no I want to write this ...

I met Karin Monster-Peters at a PPC (Project Positive Change) event in London this year (May). 
I didn't think much because I'm not a 'highly sensitive parent' ... in fact, I'm the total opposite  :-P

Recently Karin posted that she works with Teenagers.

I'm a very awake, intuitive, empathic and ambivert mom, with a lot of emotional experience, and when it comes to kids and teenagers, I just get them.

But I hit a plateau and I needed some support and help with my middle daughter.
Who I came to realise is a highly sensitive empath.

My dominance was bringing out her strong character to 'please everyone', especially mommy.
She was trying to be self-sufficient and tough like me, and ignoring that she's not me.

I then called on Karin - impulsively I might add - bearing in mind that I'd seen and had been able to absorb her presence and energy for about 4-5 months already.

My kids grow up dual language - English and German and I was very concerned that things wouldn't work - so I set up a date to meet the really cool lady with the cool name 'MONSTERS'  :-D 
And my daughter agreed to the sessions.

It's been two sessions already.

By my daughter seeing that I was acknowledging her sensitivity and wanting to help her (along with other stuff I was doing prior to meeting Karin that I've worked really hard on), she's done a 360!

Today she had to write a letter for her German subject - a letter to her primary school teacher. She let me read it and I just cried.

She apologised in her own way for being a little difficult in the school years.

.....(removed for privacy)
After having a session with Karin about building her self-esteem and how wonderful and amazing she is.

I could write about this forever ahahaha ...
I felt compelled to write this as there may be another momma sitting on the fence as to whether she should be joining Karin on her new programme or working with her.

All I can say is, is that she's the real-deal: honest, down-to-earth, REAL, simple, trustworthy and just plain wonderful.

Thank you Karin 
All my love Sashka and my baby girl  <3

 A mom of a 13 year old:

"I reached out to Karin about an issue that kept coming up with my teenage son. Each year school would start, he'd start on a fresh page but soon everything would spiral out of control for him and his self-esteem. This has been happening for years now, and I've reached out to experts in the past but nothing had worked.

This kid is bright and has so much going for him, but this struggle kept pulling him down over and over. We (our family) were all at our wit's end. I guess an angel tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that Karin works with kids. I listened to this intuitive hit and reached out immediately.

The improvement and total shift in his energy, self-esteem, and grades have been night and day. Karin detected an actual learning disability before she ever met with him, one that is spot on and no other experts I've taken him to have seen. He has all the tools he needs now, and the energetic work she's done with him. Wow, just... WOW.

I can't recommend her strongly enough. She is a thorough, thoughtful and highly empathetic coach for kids. I know the work they are doing together will last a lifetime. And, also, this work has shifted the energy of the whole family really. Because when he was struggling, we were all struggling.
It takes a village to raise a child and I can say that I'm so very grateful that Karin is a mama in my village!"
Rachel Hansen

I would love to be part of your village! 


For more results you can check out my testimonials!

How does it work?

I always start with 3 session in the first month. (Week 1, week 2 and week 4).

Here we lay the foundation for our work and for the transformation. Teens are very hesitant when it comes to 'talk therapy'. They are feeling shy about all the big emotions and don’t want to have to ‘share’ a lot at first. Teens are also extremely self conscious and don't enjoy being put 'on the spot'. 

So, in those first sessions I do the ‘work’. Meaning, I set the foundation through hypnosis and energetic work. All they have to is relax and let it happen. If for example, confidence is the issue, we go into resetting the subconscious mind into creating new beliefs and habits that support confidence.

In month 2, we go for 2 sessions. These are the re-inforcement months. The teen is feeling differently and changes are showing up in his or her life. Trust building and a safe space to be is essential right now.

With a minimum of 3 months of work, month 3 means 1 session. When you decide to sign up for 6 months, your child has one session a month throughout months 4-5-6.

Results can be very quick! Most of the times 3 months is enough but I cannot guarantee results this quickly. A minimum of 6 months is what I recommend because as we now as adults, we want to create sustainability, consistency and trust.

Throughout those last months we re-inforce our work and I teach your teen tools and technique to release stress and to calm his own nervous system. I will also teach your teen powerful tools to challenge beliefs that disempower him!

After 6 months we re-assess and we see what is necessary. I must tell you that most teens then sign up for 6 more months for a monthly session. It’s their moment to release and recharge and bring to the table anything they want and need support with.

And usually after a year we just go for ‘you know where to find me when you need me’. And that is then exactly what they then do. I have kids who have been with me since they were 5 years old…and I now see them as young adults, once maybe twice a year!

Throughout the whole time we work together, your teen has unlimited email access to me and if this get rough I am available for an extra session.

Because of confidentiality issues, I only share with parents if something has happened that needs their attention. The foundation of work with a teen is trust and they need to feel free to express themselves to me.

You as a parent may always email with concerns or anything that you wish to share. I have created a programme for the parent (s) of the teen I am working with as well.

Because, well, sometimes the parent needs advice and coaching in how to best support their teen and maybe, just maybe...in 'letting go' ;). I know it's not easy, I am a mom too.

I am here for you and lovingly hold that space for you. Please read here on my philosophy when I work with parents.


3 months programme: € 797

  • 6 Zoom-sessions
  • One session is included with the parent as an intake when child under 14 years old. Above 14 years old, an intake session with the teen is included as well.
  • Unlimited email access for your teen
  • Email access for you as a parent to share concerns and progress. I thoroughly encourage this.
  • Recordings of the session to re-do healing and hypnotic techniques


6 months programme: €1155

  • 9 Zoom-sessions
  • Unlimited email access for your teen
  • Email access for you as a parent to share concerns and progress.
  • One session is included with the parent as an intake when child under 14 years old. Above 14 years old, an intake session with the teen is included as well.
  • One session with parent is included for evaluation purposes in month 5.
  • Recordings of the session to re-do healing and hypnotic techniques


12 months programme: €1800

  • 15 Zoom- sessions
  • 1 extra “I need support!” sessions are included in this package.
  • Unlimited email access for your teen
  • Email access for you as a parent to share concerns and progress
  • 2 sessions with parent is included for evaluation purposes in month 5 and in month 11.
  • Recordings of the session to re-do healing and hypnotic techniques


3 months Parent programme:

 This programme is only available for parents whose teen I will be working with. This programme is based on the holistic principle that we are always part of a system and if we as parents are not doing well, then we cannot fully support our children on their path. We will be looking at triggers and how best to support your teen during their current developmental stage.

  • €600
  • 6 sessions in 3 months.
  • You will get recordings of our Zoom sessions so that you can focus on the session without having to take notes and even redo exercises and techniques we practiced during the session.
  • You will have email access for questions and support during your transformation process.
  • Reviews and tracking of your progress between sessions.

If a payment plan is needed, please contact me. Parents in Portugal and the Netherlands can also transfer through their bank (preferred).


1) How long is one session?

I don't keep track of time. We are done when the process of the day feels complete. Sometimes that might be after 45 minutes. Sometimes that might mean 90 minutes. And yes, especially with parents, it might be 2 hours. Working with processes is a personal experience.

2) Can you guarantee results?

No results are guaranteed. The only part of the process that is my control is my time, effort, expertise and energy that I bring to the programme. I can not control the home and school environment and contact with peers. These are all part of the child's experience as well and influence all processes.

3) When can sessions be booked?

You will receive a personal link to book the sessions. Sessions are booked according to the programme format. I do not start any programme in the summer months.

4) Are sessions online?

Yes, I have successfully been doing sessions online since 2017 and I work internationally. Sessions can be done in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Do you have a teen who needs my support? Reach out by sending me a message at [email protected]. In your email tell me what is going on, be as thorough as you can and I will get back to you ASAP. If I feel that we are a fit,  I then set up a call with your teen to see if we do connect!

Do you already know that you also will want support? Make sure to state that in your email as well!

Looking forward to meeting you and your teen!

I've got your back!








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