Energy System Reading

Did you know that behind your dis-ease, pain and overwhelm there is usually a theme playing out for you? That our body is so magnificent that it will do anything to let you know that there are emotional and health issues you need to address? And that by creating awareness and healing around these issues,  the body get the opportunity to...heal<3?

The physical body is a great partner for our soul. It will do anything for you. Anything. It will hold on to trauma so that you can keep going and survive the situation. It will show you that you have stored emotions in a certain area of your body by becoming ill right where you need to let go. And together with the Universe, it can even knock you down so that you finally start creating the life you want.

When I couldn't sleep, my energy healer told me, you don't have a sleep issue, you have a fear issue. So I started of working on all my fears...and I've been sleeping better and better! When I developed severe fibromyalgia, I dove into the 'releasing my own power and stepping into me'....and I am now pain free. Well, ok, not completely, winters are tough on my body, but I am working on moving to a warmer climate! The scoliosis in my back disappeared when I released the sense of 'responsibility for the whole world' that I was carrying around! 

Get it? Your body can heal, when you step into healing the energetic and emotional themes that surround it! And yes, of course, eat better, move more and sleep more and you will find yourself more energized and healthy than ever before!

But you see where an Energy System Reading can come in handy. Because you know you are in pain emotionally, mentally or physically....but what do you need to address? What is behind it?!

This is where I come in!

All you have to do is send me your photo, your day of birth and a quick overview of the 'pain' (mentally, emotionally or physically) and I will tune into your energy system and provide you with the insights you need!

This reading will give you an overview of the issues at hand and more insights on what you need to do on an emotional level to heal it. This reading is NOT a healing session but you will find that the 'aha-moments' that you get in the reading will already start creating space to heal. You can add healing sessions to your purchase when you need further assistance.


You can purchase your personal Energy System Reading for only 197 euro! Within 5 days of your purchase (and after receiving the information I need) you will receive a PDF with your reading.

You can always add Energy Healing Sessions to your purchase through this link






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