Clearing and Cleansing into the Future

Something big has been brewing inside of me for the last couple of months

(Actually…it’s been a bit longer than that…and I’ve been resisting! ;))

After years and years of doing healing work on myself and facilitating healing experiences for my clients I KNOW (with heart, mind and soul) the effects of awareness on our life's journey.

Many nuggets of expanded wisdom have been coming to me during the last couple of months as I've been taking a break to settle into our new country and to take care of myself at a deeper level.

During a healing massage a few days ago I could once again feel the desire to create for you and what came through is for MOTHER'S!


A GROUP programme of FIVE sessions…  TWO hours each came through and I quickly came home to write it all down!

"I absolutely loved the 5 sessions - all amazing, all new to me and I would definitely work with you again - I LOVE your energy - your vibrancy and your love for what you do shines through 

- thank you so so much,"

Helen Colgan, Holistic Therapist and Healer


Our connection with the feminine, with all that wisdom that has been passed down through the generations...going back,back..back into the very beginning of the human race here on Earth...has been forgotten.

But believe me, it's not LOST. It's always here present and waiting for you to reconnect with it. Waiting for you to align to the frequencies of power and knowledge that is your birthright. 

Negative life experiences and even karmic and generational trauma have been blocking these frequencies to come to you. And you CAN clear this and re-align to the energy of the Goddess.

How is your connection to your mother? And your grandmother? Did you know your great-grandmother? What has been passed down to you? Consciously and subconsciously...and even through your DNA?

I did know my grandmother! And I even remember how she taught me to tie my shoelaces, right on her porch on her tiny Dominican house,  with so much patience and love...She must have been well into her eighties yet she still cooked and took care of herself. 

My children also know one great-grandmother and my mother is also still with us. My relationship with my mother has always been conflicted until a couple of years ago when she experienced a brain hemorrhage and we had to re-define and heal our relationship. 

Everything I will be talking about and guiding you through, I've experienced first myself. That's how I roll...I embody the full experience first...then I journey with you into the places that need love, understanding and healing.


This is what we will be doing together:


Healing the generations on your MOTHER's side. Clearing and cleansing trauma and karmic imprints that has been passed down through the generations so that you can now tap into the wisdom and power that comes through for you in your mother line. Diving deep into the feminine energy of THE MOTHER, THE NURTURER, THE GODDESS.



Healing the generations on FATHER's side. Clearing and cleansing trauma and karmic imprints on the male line as well. Making sure that we allow and receive the wisdom and power of the masculine energy within us in a positive and empowering way. Opening up to THE FATHER, THE PROTECTOR, THE GIVER.




Family Constellations: healing your CURRENT family system. Our family is an energy field within which we are held, each in our own unique position, from the time we are born. During this session we will ‘set up’ our family system so that we can SEE the patterns and then place each family member in their rightful place in the system freeing each one to BE who they are.



Pelvic healing specifically around your pregnancies and childbirth experiences. Throughout the years I have develop a pelvic healing that can cleanse your pelvic area of trauma, experiences and emotions that have been held until you were ready to release them.

Women are magical creators and many of us are also creators of life. All your experiences during pregnancies and childbirth are stored in your pelvic energy field on all levels and can be cleared during this session so that you may not only free yourself and your body but also free your child as well.



Re-patterning into the future....! Holding compassion for the past and present, BEING what we want for the generations to come!

One of the most powerful aspects of Quantum physics and healing is that time is not linear. Time past, time present and time future are all happening in this very moment…! This is exciting because this also means that  we can re-write and re-pattern our energy bodies to hold new stories, new frequencies and new experiences…so that YOU become the creator of your soul’s experience moving forward!


‘What an amazing journey these sessions have been. I’m so happy I joined this course. I can hardly find the right words for it, but I have learnt, healed, had fun and got to feel the energy and power of the collective; working in a group beautiful souls.
 I find it very especial that even though it’s an online course, you can feel the energy flowing right away when Karin starts the session. Karin’s energy and effort are endless, during the sessions as well as in between and afterwards; she gives 1000%. Give yourself this beautiful gift!’  -Linda Jochems


Can you feel the infinite possibilities that you can tap into while you read this?

Can you imagine what YOU can create being free of the stories of lifetimes that no longer support you?

Can you gift yourself with this amount of freedom?

 I am ready to hold this space for you! And I want to do this in November to get us set up for the holidays and clean and clear into 2021!



€ 147

All sessions have been recorded in the month of November 2020 and are available  to you so that you can re-do sessions over and over again (for new insights and healing). The quantum energy is equally potent WHENEVER you go through the session.

You will actually notice that as SOON as you sign up you will start receiving this quantum energy, shaking things up into your awareness so that you are ready to release when we start our time together.

Your time, your space and your soul choosing to heal at a specific time in this space time continuum. Divine timing. TRUST.

Sign up through the link on the right!

And get ready to clear into the new!


"I have been working with Karin for some time now. As a therapist myself, I find Karin’s expertise and kind and loving approach to healing of utmost value. The Cleansing and Clearing Programme has helped me to become more aware of where some of my issues stemmed from. Delving into my ancestors and seeing or feeling what they experienced shed light onto my present as I understood what had been passed on through generations of trauma. After clearing the things that no longer served me, I feel lighter and more grounded, ready to embrace what is truly mine. Healing like this supports understanding and fills your heart with gratitude and acceptance. Karin is an amazing therapist and healer, she is not only knowledgeable but wise!

Emma Ruiz from Gestalt Therapy in Barcelona



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