Quantum Family System Healing

Whether you want it or not, your family of origin is the most important system of which you are a part of.

We are tribal beings. You belong to a system, a tribe, the family of origin in which you were born.

That family in turn is part of a family. You grew up in it or you have your family, perhaps you have never or only partly known your family due to circumstances.

Perhaps you have already chosen for a family yourself: you live alone or with a partner, you have children or not. In all cases we speak of a family system with its history, its own way of dealing with things, its sensitivities, its happy and sad moments ...

Our family is an energy field within which we are held, each in our own unique position, from the time we are born.

The character of our family energy field is formed by our family's history, including its religions and beliefs-that is, its conscience. Our country, and the religion we are born into, also have their influence.

Our family energy field is shaped by powerful events such as relationship history of parents and grandparents, early deaths of children, miscarriages, abortions, adoptions, suicides, wars, having to leave one's country, changing one's religion, incest, ancestors who were victims or perpetrators, trust, betrayal and so forth. 

Held in the field, we are both unconscious and ignorant of its influence. We are caught up in behaviors and attitudes that are stronger than we are, and moved to act in ways we later regret and do not understand. 

This healing is based on the Family Constellation  by Bert Hellinger which usually take place in person and in a group setting. In my experience, distance healing on the system is just as effective!  

I have trained in combining Family Constellation with Touch of Matrix (the most awesome quantum healing modality out there!)

Hellinger who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of "belonging" in our families.

Bonded by a deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member.

Sometimes you crash into your life again and again on the same theme or problem that you do not get any clarity about and that prevents you from living fully, it seems like fate is against you.

In a moving and often wondrous way, a Family System Healing can provide insight into the unconscious patterns that underlie it and that have often been passed on from generation to generation for many years.

A family set-up connects you to your family system and even your ancestors, so that you can bring back yourself into what is stuck, into what keeps repeating itself in your life, release it and free yourself and the generations to come!

This work can have a far-reaching effect on all the members of the system, even if they don't know the healing has taken place!

How does it work?
  • We schedule 3 sessions together. First 2 session we clear and heal the generational lines. Third session we clear and set in the rightful order the current family system.
  • Shifts might come through right away. You might feel it as a 'relief' in the family system. Sometimes it takes more time as each member in the system accomodates into their new place and as the healing reveals new insights and awareness that first need to come up before the shift.

Is it time for your Family System to heal?

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"The Family System Healing work I did with Karin created such surprising and profound changes for me. I was surprised because I have done decades of clearing and healing work on my family system. And, to be honest, I don’t even know if I believe that we have energetic connections to our ancestors. But I knew the skill and power Karin brings to our sessions from past work we did together. So I decided it didn’t matter what I believed or didn’t believe and participated fully in our sessions. My results? I feel more grounded, centered and whole than I ever have before. It’s hard to try to express this in words. I’m amazed that it shifted my perspectives about money and business in so many positive ways, even though we weren’t focused on that at all! I feel nothing but compassion now for all the family that came before me, including people I’d had very difficult relationships with. And I feel connected to the love and strengths and gifts of all who came before me – a connection that never fades. I am so grateful for Karin’s magic – her powerful skills, support and her easygoing, loving personality. Make the choice to give yourself the gifts of freedom and healing that she offers in this remarkable work."

Janet Hilts Breakthrough Coach


 "I can truly recommend Karin for whatever your personal needs may be at this time. She is a true healer. She has helped me to trust my intuition and heal myself and my family, both past and future. She has inspired me to step into my power and claim my position in this lifetime, as well as recognising that I too am a healer, that I have chosen this wonderful, crazy, amazing, overwhelming, liberating and truly loving and authentic path. If you're wondering whether or not to dive in with Karin, go ahead; and prepare for the ride of your life! ❤" 

Pauline Burke, Milan, Italy

"After only 2 of the three Family System Healing Sessions with Karin, I already feel amazing shifts. We first worked on my mother's ancestors line and you know what, a huge release of all the people pleasing tendency has just wooshed away. I did feel a huge release on my shoulder area, like a big weight has been lifted.

I have a new appreciation and compassion for my Mom, and my maternal grandmother, who has passed before I was even born, came and visited me during a meditation for the first time. I was so in awe at all the love coming through all of my maternal ancestors. Gorgeous
After my father's side session I realised, that I was not meant to act as his partner, but that I am allowed to be the child in the family. Another huge release and freedom has surrounded me ever since. My father has also passed many years ago, and our connection (from the light) and guidance are much clearer now.
I learnt more to allow myself to simply be Caroline, there is nothing more needed.
Karin has an amazing gift, and gorgeous loving intuition, she senses what needs work, or how each session should unfold.
I can highly recommend working with Karin, in any form, not just Family System Healing. Karin is a gift to the world.
Warm hugs
Caroline Palmy
Heart Flow Healer"




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