The Unleashing Of YOU programme

Have you been going through life feeling DISCONNECTED from your body?

Are you struggling with your relationship with PLEASURE?

Are you very spiritual but then have a problem with the physical part of life?


Many of the women (and men) I have worked with experience a duality in their physical experience as spiritual beings...

And here is why...

As spirituall beings, we are not fulling OWNING our physical experience.


The moment we integrate that into our experience, life WILL change. Manifestation, joy,'s all available to you...

In 2015 I was listening to Deepak Chorpa on Audible and he said something that blew my mind:

"Quantum energy is sexual energy..."

I had to rewind it...did he say "Quantum energy is sexual energy" ?

He did!! YES!!

My whole life I had been so attuned to my sexual energy AND I have been such a huge manifester (when I WANTED something and it was exactly what I ALWAYS came to me!) AND I had been working with quantum energy for years....that I knew there had to be more to my very sexual nature...I feel everything through my body....!

I often joked with my clients that I think that I, in a previous life, was an initiator of pleasure and that was why I never understood when women had to 'reconnect' to their Goddess energy. I AM that energy! 

And yet, it is not something that I really talk can't be spiritual and professional and talk about how opening up your sexuality, unleashing pleasure and surrendering to your desires WILL transform your whole life.

In my work with my clients I realized that how I embraced my sexuality was NOT how many women (and men, yes, our men need healing as well...embracing THEIR sexuality) were experiencing their bodies. And this truly saddened me....!

So much shame, guilt and trauma around our HUMANITY.

Around two years ago I started doing pelvic healings to help others release what they had stored deep within themselves that was holding them back...and the more I did those, the more intense my sexual experience became. And I am not exaggerating when I say...holy Universe...!

I was already the woman who wakes up having orgasms, can have an orgasm through the power of the mind (no touching ;) ) and seriously was having orgasms hours after giving birth.

But the intensity, the deepness, the full vibration of the full body, soul and Quantum experience....that has exploded this last couple of years!

I had talked about this in the past with a money coach and she said the more pleasure you can tune into, the more money will come to you...! How much can you receive? How much can you surrender?

And then a business coach asked me her programme what the side effect is of my work that nobody really realizes...

And what right away came to me was...PLEASURE. Totally embracing the fullness of you as a spiritual AND physical being. The full manifestation of you and your desires (abundance!).

THAT ladies (and gentlemen) is my innate gift: The unleashing of your quantum energy! YOUR PLEASURE! (just writing this makes me giddy with excitement!)

Yes, I am talking about sex. But this is not about the shared experience with another. This is about your relationship with you. With your desires, with your body, with your pleasure. And sure, when your partner can meet you 'there', the intensity will blow your mind, but it's not about him or her...

It's all about YOU.

I have had clients, powerful women, living an abundant lives...that have never had sexual partners...but they know and own PLEASURE and are waiting for a partner that can match their frequency and are not willing to settle for less....! How cool is that? 

It's all about YOUR ENERGY. How powerfully you show up for your desires!

Are you ready to be unleashed? To fully embody your power? To start manifesting all you desire?


Then I have the programme for you!

  •  We will meet together through Zoom for 5 sessions
  • These sessions will include my signature pelvic clearings
  • And when all is clear, we will dive into PLEASURE and into
  • Manifestation through SURRENDERING into the physical experience.
  • You will also have full access of me through email and I will be checking in with you in between sessions! 
  • And you will get an extra distance healing session after our 1-on-1 sessions have been completed. My way of ensuring that your process continues!

I hold the full intention that ONLY and ONLY that which serves you fully IN THIS MOMENT in YOUR SOUL'S PATH will happen during these sessions. That means that there is no guarantee WHAT will happen but it also means that nothing and absolutely nothing can happen what YOU CAN'T HANDLE. 
I only facilitate the process. Your souls system knows the way.

Are you sure this is your NEXT STEP? Go ahead and book your sessions today!

Not sure if this is what you need right now?

Look around my website, check out the testimonials provided by the amazing souls I have been blessed to work with and reach out if you have questions!You can email me at [email protected] or you can reach out through Facebook! 

(And make sure to join The Vibrant Sensitive Movement as well!)




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