Beating Burnout and Depression

burnout depression Oct 11, 2017

I have created a poll a few times on the Highly Sensitive Parents group and simply asked: How many of you have dealt with Burnout, Depression or Both in your life? And I believe the majority has! 

Is this the fate of the Highly Sensitive?
I get it and have been there myself many times...the anxiety, stress, and existential dilemmas that Highly Sensitive and Gifted people often experience can be a little bit intense, for sure.


But no, in my world, High Sensitivity is not a curse. It’s actually a gift. When you’re Highly Sensitive, your experience of the world is rich, colorful, and deep.

But sometimes it also means heightened overwhelm, stress, and melancholy. It’s a two-edged sword, right?
So what exactly makes us Highly Sensitives more prone to feeling either overwhelmed and lost or underwhelmed and uninspired? And for that matter, what can you as an HSP do to keep the joy of your intense connection with the world while keeping the unpleasant side...

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