The Power of the Rant

A blog about ranting…like…what?

Yes, I’m going to rant today about ranting, because unlike many people out there, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with a ‘good-heartfelt-put–it-all-out there’ rant.

This rant is inspired by a few fellow coaches, who are not only colleagues, but also friends. One is a health coach, and she was ranting to me about ‘her ideal client’, which is just a term for ‘who do I want to work with and why’. And she said she felt shame because she was ranting, like she wasn’t supposed to feel so strongly about this subject. I was so suprised by this because, throughout her rant, I had gotten a clear picture of who she wanted to work with. Today, during a mastermind call, this came up again. Same subject. The ideal client and the rant. When I suggested to them to write a rant about that subject they were feeling so strongly about, they were like: wait…can I do that?


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5 Tools to Release Stress NOW!

By the time I was 32 years old, I've had three burnouts, and stress had become my middle name.

The first time, I was 18 years old. No money, in high school, working at MacDonalds to pay the bills. When I couldn’t stop screaming in emotional pain, I realized something had to give.

The second time I was 29 years old, and after years of hard work building my practice and the aftermaths of a bad relationship, I couldn’t get out of bed. Focusing for more than 15 minutes wasn’t possible for me.

And the third and last time (because I swore this WOULD be the last time), I couldn’t even lift my arms.  32 years old and my brain was functioning, but my body gave out. Two sensitive babies only 14 months apart, breastfeeding on demand, and there was nothing left of me.

I recovered slowly. Mindfulness, energy work, yoga, intentional self-care, and time healed my body and mind. Stress stored in the body for too long WILL cause pain, adrenal fatigue,...

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